Code 1000 String or binary data would be truncated

09-11-2017 08:46 PM
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I have repeatedly gone over my form and all of my field lengths are set accordingly (checked with =LEN), yet I continue to receive a 'Send Error' when I try to complete the form.  The form works beautifully in 'Connect' AND after publishing it sends the email, but cannot upload to AGOL. 

I have attached my form to assist.

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Hi Oscar. Just a guess here: the problem may be caused by any of your calculations, which could be generating a string that exceeds the max length of their corresponding text field. I noticed you set the length of  many fields to 1500, but this may not be enough.

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Well, I went big and changed 1500 to 20,000 and it still wont send....  Unless of course the problem is with one of the other defined 'fieldlengths' or one that is set at the default

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Hi Oscar,

I'd look at the hidden and note questions where you assemble the e-mail.  A sample I did with your form created an e-mail of 404 characters, above the default 255.

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#JamesTedrick #IsmaelChivite and the folks at @ESRI @Survey123 thank you!

My form is working and #emailing perfectly!!

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Hello Survey123 for ArcGIS team,

I am facing this same issue with the

string or binary data would be truncated. The statements has been truncated.

I've spent several hours triple checking each field length and the possible answers that can go into them, either from a select_one‌ or a calculation in survey 123‌ - they all have plenty of spare space. What my troubleshooting has unearthed is that I CAN successfully submit through survey123 windows 10, but can NOT through survey123 android‌ or survey123 ios Therefore can James Tedrick or another member of the Survey123 for ArcGIS‌ team please tell me if there are differences between the way the three versions calculate values or append metadata that I am unaware of?





PS: Also posted here

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