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Checking for presence of image in inbox

06-08-2024 08:41 AM
Occasional Contributor

I'm using an image question as part of a validation in a different question - string-length(${image_field})>0

When the user opens the form and takes the image, this validation works (string-length is >0)

If the user re-opens the form from the inbox, when the photo has already been taken, string-length is 0. 

If I make the image question required, the form with image, opened from the inbox, will be allowed to submit.

This tells me the form IS recognizing the presence of an image on the question in the Inbox, however string-length is not working for an image question in the inbox. 

How can I get the form opened from the inbox to recognize an image has already been submitted for the question?

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MVP Regular Contributor

Have you tried setting parameters in bind::esri:parameters?

query allowUpdates=true lets you make edits from the Inbox.

calculationMode=always forces calculations to refresh themselves.

You can combine both like so: query allowUpdates=true calculationMode=always

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