Cannot edit record in Survey123 Form view

02-29-2024 10:57 AM
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Enterprise 11.1 (Linux)

Survey123: 3.18 and 3.19

Date issue first notice: 2/29/24


We have an internal deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise (i.e. not accessible outside our firewall). One of our internal teams has a Survey123 survey the use as an intake form. About once a week I will take a look at the data via the ArcGIS Survey123 application (<portalUrl>. I am logged in to Portal as the user that created the survey. That user is also the Portal admin user.

Typically if I need to make a quick edit to a submission, I can do so by selecting the record from the table or the map and toggling Edit in the Form view.

However, today I was greeted by the following error:


"Editing is not possible because the record specified by the globalId parameter cannot be accessed."


Knowledge Base workarounds

I have reviewed the following Knowledge Base Technical Support article "Editing is not possible because the record specified by the globalId parameter cannot be accessed." I have made some attempts to try the 3 workarounds suggestd:

Diagnosis 1 -The ‘Only add new records’ option is enabled in ArcGIS Survey123.


  1. Log in to ArcGIS Survey123 and open the survey form.
  2. Click Collaborate > Share Survey.
  3. For What can submitters do?, select Add and update records (read access enabled) or Add, update, delete records (read access enabled).


Unable to implement workaround. This throws a warning that "Survey responses are exposed". This is not an acceptable outcome as the information we are collecting is sensitive.

Diagnosis 2 - The ‘Editors can see all features’ option is disabled in ArcGIS Online


  1. Log in to ArcGIS Online and click Content > My Content.
  2. Under Folders, browse for and click the folder with the survey form.
  3. Click the ‘<survey name>_form’ hosted feature layer.
  4. On the item details page, click Settings.
  5. Scroll to the Feature Layer (hosted, view) section, under What features can editors see?, select Editors can see all features.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Content > My Content.
  8. In the folder, click the ‘<survey name>_results’ hosted feature layer.
  9. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to enable Editors can see all features for the hosted feature layer.


No apparent impact. I reloaded ArcGIS Survey123 and attempted to toggle Edit for a record. The original error was still there.

Diagnosis 3 - Incorrect global ID


Ensure the correct global ID is used in the survey’s URL parameter. Refer to ArcGIS Survey123: Edit in web app for more information on appending the global ID to the survey’s URL.

The same record I was attempting to edit through the Survey123>Data>Form view, I was able to edit in the Survey123 survey's web app using the steps outlined in the article referenced in the suggested workaround.

After doing all this, the error persisted.

Examining browser console and network traffic

Using Chrome DevTools I examined the messages in the console and network traffic when attempting to activate editing on the record in Form view.


error to get objectid from globalId.

Note, the errors above were copied and pasted from the browser console. The typo in the spelling of withoutCredentail is what was in the browser console.




There is a lot of network traffic when trying to activate edit in Form view, but I found a POST request to https://<Enterprise URL>/server/rest/services/Hosted/<survey>_form/FeatureServer/0/query?f=json&where=globalid%3D'%7B82D18926-7A33-49DE-8025-5ED1D5500E7E%7D'&returnIdsOnly=true

This returned the following response

{"error":{"code":500,"message":"Capability 'Query' is not set.","details":[]}} 


New Survey

I created a new test survey and experienced the same error.

Reflections & Request

It seems to me that Survey123 is not making the POST request as my logged in, authenticated user. In the past, logged in as the Portal admin I've been able to edit records in Survey123 via the Form view without issue.

We have not made any recent changes to our Enterprise deployment. The only change that comes to mind is the recent update to Survey123.   

Has anyone experienced this issue of editing Survey123 survey records hosted on Portal from the Form view of the Survey123 interface?

Any suggestions on what else to look into to troubleshoot?



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