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Can answers to a group of questions with a repeat be automatically copied from the first entry?

06-17-2024 06:31 AM
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Hi all,


I have a survey where the user can fill in a group of questions ('Incident details') for multiple individuals who were recorded at the same incident. The group of questions is a repeat so that the user can add as many individuals as needed, but it is likely the answers to some of the fields within a subgroup of this section will be the same for each individual. Is there a way a check box can be tick or automatic population enabled that copies all the answers entered for the first individual to those that are entered afterwards? then if there are any differences the user can go through manually and make those changes?


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I have been working on this for years and the closest I got was using javascript.  It is some work but see the posts here if you want to try it.

Hope that helps

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I think the issue here is your implementation.

"...multiple individuals who were recorded at the same incident..."

If that is true, then the incident details are identical for all participants. That means your repeat should only contain a field for names (and similar unique details), and not incident details. If it's possible to have differences between users, then there is a good chance it's a different incident, or information that needs to be manually entered. There are no short-cuts in health and safety, so I'd advise against the described behaviour even if it was available (that said, still vote for the idea @DougBrowning linked. We really need that feature!).

Sorry. I do a ton of work for Health and Safety and have quite the history in that field now, and have created forms and processes for every H&S related task (including Incident, Near Miss, Reporting, and Investigation) for our Canada and USA operations. As such, my answer is biased towards that mind-set.

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