Calculates in a not active repeat only run once

09-21-2023 08:23 AM
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I have two repeats: Deploy and Retrieve

The user deploys sensors in the deploy repeat. For example, 10 sensors labelled A - J.

Several months later, the user returns to collect the sensors. They do this by scanning a QR code in the Retrieve repeat so they can collect sensors in any order (e.g., J - A). This populates the retrieve repeat with data from the deploy repeat via JS.

If the tech finds 8 of 10 sensors, I want the Deploy repeat to say the sensor is missing. When I pull data from the Deploy repeat into the Retrieve repeat, it works fine since the Retrieve repeat is 'active'. So I thought it would be as simple as reversing the flow and taking data from the Retrieve repeat and tossing it into the Deploy repeat.

Problem is, the calculate only works once. From then on, you need to manually go back into the Deploy repeat and scroll through the pages for the calculate to run again. I already have calculationMode=always but is has no affect.

Does someone have a solution? I was thinking another JS to force the second repeat's calculate to always fire, but not sure how that would look.

Results would look something like below. This way, the tech will know which samples are outstanding.


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