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a month ago
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Hi everyone,

Is there any way to calculate only while submitting (or let's say after hitting the submit button)? In my workflow, after user adds his signature and then submits the form, I would like to recalculate a field call survey_mode from "editable" to "readonly" so that this record will be readonly when user call it back through Inbox.

Currently, calculation trigger right after the signature is added. It is not convenient as user may want to replace his signature.

We can use a tasked python script to assist this update. However, it would be better with S123 only.



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I haven't found a way to do this in Survey123 alone, but if your survey data is backed by an Enterprise Geodatabase you can use Attribute Rules to flip the read-only switch on submission

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If you want a signature on submission but disable on Inbox, you can use the Survey Mode to make it as read only.

Try adding this to the read only column

if(pulldata("@property", 'mode') = 'edit','yes','')

Otherwise you might need to setup a hidden field like here: