Survey123 + Microsoft Power Automate for Public Facing Surveys

05-16-2023 10:09 PM
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Dear All,

I found it's so powerful to use Survey123 with Power Automate, but I was too excited to notice that it does not work for public facing survey.

ArcGIS Survey123 Webhook + Power Automate Token Security | Software Development Company in NYC (dvgi...

Survey123 attachmenrs in Microsoft Power Automate (

"If you are working with a survey that is shared privately, you will also need to add your token as a query parameter. You can get a valid token from the dynamic content dialog (Portal Info Token)."

What if it's a public survey?

I have built a flow that will take all the survey attachments into one array and upload them into one SharePoint Folder for another department to review all the attachments of this permit application (local government).

However, if someone submits the survey publicly, there will be no way to extract those attachments without a security token using Power Automate based on my limit knowledge 😞

Has anyone faced the same challenge? or are there actually a workaround or a road map ahead on this?

I can think there is possible another way I can automate S123 to upload files to SharePoint will be using FME Server or Cloud. However, I deeply wish there could be some ways that I can still use Power Automate to achieve this. 

Automating ArcGIS Survey123 Workflows using FME Server (



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Correction of my understanding, but unfortunately, I can't do this with my public survey collection personal contact info.

Survey123 attachmenrs in Microsoft Power Automate (