Survey123 ability to have survey stored on a network drive

02-07-2017 11:28 AM
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It would be nice to have the ability when creating a survey with connect to set a different default location to save the surveys, ie: a network folder. This way admin or other staff that are collaborating on a project can edit the survey and republish if needed.


That would be great - Can you point me to where I can modify that variable?



Hi, on the computers I use for work is windows, so in the windows bar you can type in 'environment variables' to find where you can edit environment variables.

That folder would be the folder replicated of the install i believe, so the folder with the surveys in it would be this: 

P:\GIS\R_and_D\Field_Data\Survey123\ArcGIS\My Survey Designs


As per Felicity chun‌ post. changing the user environment variable Home you can redirect all surveys to anywhere you want


In case someone else runs into this thread - The environment variable did solve this problem for me - but - I had to create the variable named "HOME" and then set the path.  (I also had to reboot to get Connect to recognize the new location.)

Further, I've found that in my case adding this variable broke functionality in other programs (git) that picked up that variable and tried to use the path I specified as it's root.


How is it 2022 and this isn't possible?


How is it 2022 and this isn't possible?


I need this! I regularly work on different PC's, but leverage OneDrive to ensure i can always get at what I need. The exception to this is Survey123Connect whereby i instead must ensure I've published a survey so I can pull it down locally onto whichever PC I'm working on. It's not too big of a hardship but being able to simply referencing the actual files by pointing Survey123Connect to the OneDrive location would be much preferred.


Any update on this? currentley if the survey creator is away from work,  other team members/survey users are unable to make changes.

This creates a single point of failure.


This still needs to be added (or at least explained if it is actually possible!)


Shame this is 6 years old and still an issue...