(Implemented) Auto update Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS

09-21-2017 04:40 PM
Status: Implemented
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Hi there,


I get quite frustrated with having to uninstall and then reinstall Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS every time there is an update, it would be great to have an auto update process for this.






I agree, super surprised that this is not already done. Seems like a common thing for any Windows app.


Hello Andrew,

Thank you for submitting this idea! Just to clarify, you're not looking for an option to auto-update Survey123 Connect, but the ability to update without the need to uninstall the previous version first (an in-place upgrade)? I just want to make sure we aren't conflating the two topics!




Hi SPrindle-esristaff‌, thanks for the question. I guess it would be something similar to ArcGIS Pro that gives you notification to update and then you click update and it automatically updates. because at present the method for updating Survey123 is that you need to uninstall the current version and install the new version. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Andrew


Thanks for the clarification Andrew! When examining the behavior for both the install process and the update notification, I was also drawing comparisons to Pro on my end.


When voting for this idea, please consider leaving a comment to share your perspective on the current update process for Survey123 Connect, and how it is impacting your organization.




We are just in the process of promoting survey123 across our department, part of this would be to enable regional "champions" the ability to develop and maintain their own adhoc business specific forms to publish to out Enterprise Portal.  Due to Dept access restrictions very few people have enough administration rights to install applications on this pc, meaning that I need to get our IT to develop and install package to push out to the required users.  Given that there seems to be quite regular updates asking them to keep recreating and pushing out these packages is unsustainable. So some form of auto update would be much better in my case.


I also agree that having an update feature similar to Pro would be very useful! Our agency is really coming to love what Survey123 could do and plans to implement its use wherever we can. It would be ideal to not have to uninstall-reinstall and recreate the surveys every time a new version comes around. We are considering turning at least 50% of our field work forms into surveys and having a sustainable, easily managed system would encourage us to continue using Survey123 as the primary platform.


Having to uninstall Survey123 and reinstall due to a version change is far less than convenient. Please allow for software updates either within the app, or have the 'update to latest version' on Survey123 Connect link to a patch rather than a complete install package. Thanks.


I also am in an IT controlled environment and it seems that the updates for Survey123 connect are coming out faster than I can get my IT people to update and in fact because it is a pain and I do not have permissions I have been scanning the whats new and version releases to see if my particular issues are solved before sending a note to IT to ask them to update the version.


I like the update available notification,but the uninstall process is more cumbersome. Updating Pro is quicker and simpler.

I hadn't noticed the name change this year and thought the update process had been improved to remove uninstalling.

Alas, I had both....

Really like the application, especially new Standard map support for mmpk. Very important for a couple of field use cases.


Has anything been done on this issue?  This post is pretty old.  It would be so important for me to be able to (1) be notified that there is a new version of Survey123 Connect and (2) not have to install a new instance of the app, and instead just update the existing one.  It is so inconvenient and cumbersome to have to uninstall and reinstall.  And the fact that Survey123 Connect does not notify me that a new version is available has actually caused me and others in my organization about a full week of work or maybe more, due to a problem with a custom JS function we have attached to a survey - it was not working, and we all had the new version of Survey123 on our phones.  it took forever to figure out that the problem was because the survey was published via an outdated version of Survey123 Connect.  So, the lack of notification of a new version cost us many hundreds of dollars in work time.  Seemingly all other software tells the user when an update is available (or it just auto-updates), so it seems very outdated, inconvenient, and incredibly non-intuitive that the user has to take initiative to remember to check for updates.