Add the ability to organize surveys in Survey123 Connect and also

06-24-2021 07:35 AM
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EDIT: Apologies, I realized after creating this idea that there is a similar one here

Maybe this duplicate idea will help get this more traction though!


It would be extremely helpful to be able to organize surveys in Survey123 Connect and, either through folders or section headers or something similar. As someone who has authored dozens of surveys (and there are others out there who have made hundreds!) I know it can start to get very cumbersome to navigate to the correct survey, especially since the entire survey title does not display if it is beyond a certain character limit.

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This would be a great functionality to add into Survey123 Connect.  As @Katie_Clark suggested, the use of headers or folders would be helpful, or simply the ability to alphabetize them.  Additionally, if there was an option to filter to show my content vs others content from the organization.  I have downloaded S123 templates from my organization that others had authored, to reference; now those just sit in there with the rest of my content. 


Additionally, to add onto the  whole survey title not appearing, I could see this being resolved by adding the functionality of tooltips when your cursor is hovering over the survey title. 


Upvote.  I have 117 forms right now but I was at 250.  Like you said they are all Standard Company Name...

Another idea is to be able to just flip to any dir on the network and go.  See here which is similar

One thing that did help is making icons for the forms so that I can see the name of it.  Also using tags has helped then use those in the search bar.  Here is my connect with everything being ...  Only way to tell is the icon now.  Even just a list view vs icons would be great.




Yes!  Upvote, upvote, upvote!  (Same goes for the files in AGOL).  We need better ways to manage the files.  It would be great if I could have a 'draft' folder for surveys I am working on, and a 'final' folder for surveys that are complete, another folder for 'obsolete', etc.   



Yes, Yes, Yes! I agree with this idea completely. I hate that I am unable to see the full survey file name on the Survey123 Connect home page. I organize my surveys by having the project name first and then the actual survey name so they are together, but I cannot tell which survey is which. It would be really nice to see the full survey name or at least have the full survey name when you hover over the survey icon. And it would be great if you could organize the surveys into folders.


@RDESRI @myesri Any idea how we know how if these requests are progressing or where they are in the priority/development list? This has been a request for 5 years now, 2 years in this post, and being that ESRI markets itself as an enterprise solution, being able to organise content with some sort of structure is a basic functional requirement for organisations.  Having everything dumped into a single area isn't an intuitive way of operating for a business with more than 2 employees. 

For example, with 2 employees they generally have the capability of communicating with each other, more than this, content and changes need to be able to occur within a systematic process to manage content.