Add feature reports to Survey123 Enterprise (on premises)

11-05-2019 07:29 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Deploying Survey123 on premises is a great possibility, allowing organizations to keep all ESRI resources & traffic within the organization (for instance, this is a legal requirement for many governmental bodies outside the US).

Currently (oct-2019), the beta available on the ESRI Early Adopter Community (ref. here) lacks one of the major functionnalities: the ability to create feature reports, i.e. complete a MS word document model with attributes, attachments and location preview form the feature service.

With a on-premises deployment of Survey123, the only possibility is then to run simple merges between an MS Excel data extract and the word document. Attachments are not available, and location cannot be rendered as easily/directly: the report is much poorer than what can be done with

Please add feature reports to a not-so-distant future release of the Survey123 Enterprise (On-Premises) build!

Many thanks!!!



Yes, it would be very helpfull to have the report functionality on premise.
At least here, we can't easily generate all the reports we need with ArcGIS Enterprise.
At best, we can generate five to ten at a time (no pictures, no maps, just text).
More than this and the report job fails...


It would be a huge benefit to have a Feature Report tool in ArcGIS Pro, where the tool could just be pointed at the data and a report template. This would have the benefit of running locally and it could also be scripted. Scripting would enable the creation of the Feature Reports but also the movement of the report in to an appropriate directory on a corporate network drive.


I concur with the need and with the other respondents' comments.  We recently installed ArcGIS for Enterprise 10.8.  We figured out how to access through our portal.  When we test the handy-dandy Feature Report tool, we get an error (preview or generate report) "Unauthorized: NTLM, Negotiate."  These settings were enabled in the authentication setting on the webadaptor as per another Esri resource.  We would also like to see this style of report creation (Word templates) available in ArcGIS Pro as a replacement to the current Reporting tool.


Yes, it would be very helpful to be able to generate reports in environments where we do not have a public facing environment. Even in these days of COVID we need to generate reports... No, we may not print them physically on paper, but we do still need to generate reports on PDF's for e-mailing to executives for consumption. 


Completely in agreement with @HélèneTouyéras and others.  Especially where Hélène states, "...allowing organizations to keep all ESRI resources & traffic within the organization (for instance, this is a legal requirement for many governmental bodies outside the US)."

Adding this would be most helpful to many.




Generating Feature Report for non-public facing Enterprise user is huge benefit as most major companies with enterprise license have restrict security rules and firewall around within non-public facing environment.

The lack of Feature Report by Survey123 is a showstopper and create a huge disadvantage for the product against other available option to these companies such as Chevron.

It would be great if this option become available for non-public facing environment.


I have several clients in private and public organizations who have also expressed the need for this capability, especially as the option contravenes their data residency rules, and sparks privacy concerns.  

Please bump this up the priority list.

by Anonymous User

Please add this build to the priority list! I work with sensitive S123 data that cannot be published to AGOL and it would be very, very helpful to be able to generate reports in non-public facing enterprise environments.


We're in need of a solution for this too. Survey123 itself is perfect for our use case, but will never be fully implemented until on-premises reporting is available. We service remote mining operations with intermittent connections to the internet. Relying on a cloud based service isn't an option for us no matter how secure it may be.

Totally agree that it would be highly beneficial to remove the requirement that portals be public-facing for uploading custom report templates. The primary use of ArcGIS Enterprise in my organization (federal government) is for protected sensitive data, often related to archeology or threatened and endangered species, and users have expressed the need to create custom form templates to streamline federal and state reporting requirements for these subjects. Our enterprise portal will likely never be public-facing (we use AGOL for public-facing content and can store non-sensitive data there) and sensitive data and associated forms legally cannot be made available on ArcGIS Online, preventing us from taking full advantage of this crucial tool.