StoryMap png images not consistently displaying with transparent background, worse after Publish

11-17-2022 09:45 AM
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This is a two-fold problem I am experiencing, and it's a new problem that has suddenly become an issue and was not the case before.

png Images added to the main body of the StoryMap either do not display with the transparent background at the onset after Import, or they appear to display with transparent background all the way through Preview, and then change to black/glitched backgrounds at Publish.

For my project, they are either SmartArt graphics from PowerPoint (2016 version) or logos. The pngs are displaying properly in other software platforms like Adobe and between PowerPoint and Word (transparent background). 

The only workaround I have found is to create an entirely new SmartArt graphic and export a new png file. Perhaps repeated edits of the SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint and export/overwrite save is corrupting the transparent background (who knows). However, even if the graphics appear as desired, as soon as I Publish it the backgrounds are black, with stripes, and so on. It's  unpredictable and happens within the Sidecar as well. 

Very concerned about this as the graphics are essential components of this StoryMap style presentation. 

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Hello @DucksInaRiver ,

I'm sorry you are running into this issue. I am able to see a successful transparent background on my 2022 version Powerpoint SmartArt png graphics. How are you adding these pngs to your StoryMap, by dragging and dropping to the Add image window, or by saving the graphics locally as png files and browsing for the image to upload it?

I will try and get my hands on an earlier version of Powerpoint to see if I can reproduce at the 2016 version.



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Hey there, @AbbyE_Esri , thanks for responding to my question!

Within PowerPoint I 'Save as Picture' as a png onto my local drive (Windows C drive). Within the StoryMap I Add Content Block > select Image > navigate to my local drive folder and select my png exported image from there. 

I'm noticing that I do not seem to have this issue if the image is within a Sidecar, but I'm going to trial and error that method. I'll also add that I've confirmed there is no white or black background in the SmartArt graphic that would be causing this, and it's also random for some pngs and not others (SmartArt graphics, that is). 

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