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Editing page crashing

05-11-2024 03:12 PM
New Contributor

good evening I wanted to see if I can get any information regarding STORY ARCGIS and editing on an iPad. I’ve been working on my story maps on my iPad for the past week or so fine. However, when was working on it today, out of nowhere the webpage crashed and now every time I attempt to click on the project that I’m working on it says there’s some issue to contact support. It allows me to view the project, but on editing it crashes.  I have updated my Google Chrome and I have tried it on other browsers and it’s still the same thing. IMG_2022.png 

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Esri Notable Contributor

@AlexisRodriguez1 -- Hello and I'm sorry you have run into an issue editing your story.

While editing stories generally works on tablets, tablets are more resource constrained than laptops/desktops. Sometimes the number, size, or arrangement of maps in a story can overload the hardware resources on a tablet. Have you tried editing on a laptop or desktop computer? If so, do you see the same message?

If you see the same error on a more powerful device, there may be something broken about the story. Please contact Esri Technical Support and they will help you troubleshoot.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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