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Create Geographic Tabs in Story map

06-02-2024 10:05 PM
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I was hoping to emulate a Web App created in Classic ESRI, to bring it into the new available templates.  This App showed the public where they could or couldn't walk their dog. The data is based on a single layer, containing multiple points of four categories (i.e. attribute in a field): Off-leash & On-leash dog areas, Prohibited areas, and Dedicated Dog parks. Each tab on the old web app focussed on a different geographic area of the Local Government Area, with the same base data. It seems this is not possible now (Please correct me if I am wrong!). 

Any help very much appreciated!

Original Web App:



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Hi Sunni,

I don't know if this helps address your needs, but I tried to maybe do something similar in one of my projects by recreating it in Experience Builder. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but I was able to represent different maps/pages as these pill-shaped icons in the header. I assume this is sort of like what you were wanting to recreate from your classic story map design.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 083047.png

Best of luck in your efforts!

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Hi, thanks for that, I have dabbled in using the pills in Experience Builder; but good to know you have done something similar to me so I might have to go in that direction.

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