ArcGIS StoryMaps - Issue to sign in

03-01-2024 07:05 AM
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Hello Community,


I have a fresh ArcGIS Enterprise installation, and everything is working so far. However, I am not able to sign in.
Strangely it starts working, but after 2 seconds the application kicks me out and led me to the login page again.

At the same time, all other applications like Dashboard, Insights, Workforce and other work normally. I am able to sign in and create contents.

I have followed the best practices and the configuration is like described here:

Any help or hints are much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi @Felipe_Costa ,

What version of ArcGIS Enterprise and what form of authentication is in place for the portal login? My first troubleshooting thoughts would be to check your Web Context URL if you have one set, as that can cause authentication loops if misconfigured. I'd also recommend reaching out to Esri Technical Support as they're the best equipped to troubleshoot and dig deeper into your environment's configuration.



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Hi @AbbyE_Esri ,

ArcIGS Enterprise version is 11.2, and the authentication is built-in administrative account.

Webcontext is configured like this:


Weird is the rest of applications are working, and only StoryMaps is showing this behavior.

Thanks a lot for your help! 
Best regards,

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