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09-27-2021 09:02 AM
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A colleague wrote to me this morning asking about the possibility of an "unlisted" option for StoryMaps. I'm sure this topic is above StoryMap level and probably on an organizational level, but since she referred specifically to StoryMaps I will post here.

It would be helpful if there was something similar to an unlisted option where folks would only need a link and not have to create an account to review StoryMaps. When uploading a video in YouTube these options are available so you can decide who has the ability to see the video. We know we can share to different groups and publish publicly already, but we were thinking an unlisted option might be useful. Maybe include the ability to choose or create your own watermark (DRAFT, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE, etc.) that will be visible on every page so it is not mistaken for a finished product.

After a search of GeoNet I did come across this AGOL Idea from 2016 but there hasn't been any movement even though it has 55 kudos (https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-online-ideas/privacy-setting-arcgis-online-unsearchable-but/idc...).

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Not sure if this is the same request I was hoping for. But it would be nice to have a "hide" option for various sections. So the storymap could still be available while you are working on additional content.


@ScottJones1 -- Not sure this gets all the way to what you are looking for, but you can currently hide slides in sidecars, slideshows, and tours.

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@BryanHemmer -- We're a bit limited in what we can offer as an individual app in terms of an unlisted option. I do believe that has been discussed at various times, but unfortunately I don't have any news about movement on that request.