More color options for top ribbon in Storymap Series

12-04-2021 08:11 AM
Status: Already Offered
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I wish it was easier to choose other colors for the layout of the ribbon at the top of the page in Storymap Series. Currently there are only five color options available directly in the editor. A workaround is to edit the organization colors, but this is troublesome to find and not everyone has access to changing organization colors. Why not allow pasting any color code to use for the layout in Storymap series?


Hi @JulieGrindborg ,

I see you're using the Classic StoryMaps. You can change the theme colours by editing the JSON. The easiest way to do this is using the ArcGIS Online Assistant

  1. Login with your AGOL username and password
  2. Go to 'I want to...' in the header menu and select 'View an items JSON'
  3. Navigate through your folders and select the StoryMap which you would like to edit
  4. As you scroll down, you will see two windows containing the JSON code
  5. Go to the 'Data' window and click on the edit icon (pencil)
  6. Near the beginning of the code, you will see a section called "theme" and you can update the colours by pasting in the hex code or RGB value
  7. When you are done, click 'Save'
  8. Reload your StoryMap and the new theme colours should be displayed.




P.s. It's worth saving a copy of your StoryMap or the original code somewhere before editing, just in case something goes wrong!

Status changed to: Already Offered

Thanks for the "assist" (see what I did there :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:) on this one @Anneka_France!!

@JulieGrindborg -- Please note that since the classic Story Maps templates are in extended support, we will not be making any more enhancements to the builders. Since there is a way to do this via customization, as Anneka shared (and here's an old article on this that also might help), I've marked this idea as "already offered" for housekeeping purposes. 

For more about the current status of the classic templates, please see Classic story map transition timeline (August 2021) (


Thank you for the instructions, I will try that the next time :)

Will there by a new version of storymap series coming then, if this is no longer being updated? I really like the function of having tabs at the top of the screen, and then embedding a storymap under each tab - with its own menu. So I can have two menus, one main menu, and one sub menu for each tab.

It makes it faster to navigate between storymaps with a lot of content, less scrolling.


You can create the same functionality in the new StoryMaps using StoryMap Collections.

You simply need to turn on navigation in your StoryMaps to create the sub menu:


And then bring them together in a StoryMap Collection to create the main menu:


Check out this blog post: Create your first collection with ArcGIS StoryMaps




Thank you! I did not  know I could have a top menu in Collections.

I will use that method next time :)