Lock Map Tour locations

06-08-2023 09:18 AM
Status: Needs Clarification
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Add a settings button to a map tour, allowing us to lock the map so users can't navigate away from the tour spot. This is really important for use in touch screens, especially in museum exhibits where otherwise, they can navigate themselves anywhere they like.


or at least have an automatic reset to defined bounding box or prompt user to come back to the tour spot.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

Thanks for the feedback on this one. We don't have any plans to lock down the map in this way this right now, but we will continue to monitor this thread for more information and support for this request.

I thought it also might be helpful for everyone to know that the Home button goes back to the configured extent for the current tour point.

The problem is not being able to get back 'Home' but rather when Map Tours are used in StoryMaps for public display on a touch screen or touch table (conferences, museum, welcome displays) then navigation is done by touch and the Map Tour itself goes willy nilly all over the place.