How to copy a StoryMap to another organization using partnered collaboration

04-15-2021 12:56 PM
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The April 2021 update to ArcGIS Online added a new capability called partnered collaboration. This feature introduces a way to establish a formal relationship between two ArcGIS Online organizations.

It also makes it possible to copy StoryMaps to another organization using the following straightforward process.

  1. Set up a partnered collaboration between the two organizations (org A and org B)
  2. Create a shared update group and invite a user from each organization to the group
  3. Have the org A user share the story to the group created in the previous step
  4. Have the user from org B access the story via the shared update group and open it in builder
  5. Use the Duplicate option in the story builder to copy the story to the org B user's account

Note that administrators are required for steps 1 and 2. Step 1 needs admins in both orgs, and step 2 needs an admin only from org A. For more information about setting up partnered collaboration, see Partnered Collaboration: Working together across ArcGIS Online Organizations.

If the story contains any maps, scenes, or layers from org A, you'll need to decide those need to be copied to org B. If they do, you'll need to copy those separately and then edit the story to use the copied versions of these content resources.

Another option to create a full clone of a story that includes all the content items is to use this python notebook. You can also use the handy ArcGIS Assistant app to copy StoryMaps and associated content (see the user guide for more info).


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