Stack Profile & Update Feature Z tool - issues with results

08-11-2021 12:35 PM
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When I used the Stack Profile tool on a densified line (vertices 1ft apart) and referenced it to a Terrain dataset I got elevation variation within 1 foot (460.002 to 460.888) all along the line. The line crossed a raised road bed with about 10 ft elevation difference as it traveled over the road bed. When I ran the same process against a 3 foot DEM the tool returned the expected elevation along the line vertices. Is there a known bug related to using this tool with a Terrain dataset? 

As an alternate method to creating a profile, using in-house elevation data, I tried applying z values to the line vertices using the Update Feature Z tool and our BareEarth Raster. The results were not what I expected, rather than the 460 to 469 foot elevations it returned elevations in the 140/143 range (vertical projections set to NAVD88ft). It looks like the ArcGIS Pro version of the tool is returning meters instead of feet even though the spatial reference and data are in ft.  The same process run in ArcMap 10.8 honors the spatial reference and gives the expected results which was checked using the Features Vertices to Points tool. 

Any suggestions on how to get these tools to work properly in ArcGIS Pro? 

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