Interpolation of multiband points feature

09-14-2021 03:51 AM
New Contributor

I'm trying to interpolate a multiband points feature of an environmental variable (as seen in the pic named feature) to be a multiband raster for later analyses. Bands represent the time where each band equals a certain month for the whole study area. I tried several interpolation tools but all interpolate the first band only. Is there a specific tool or a custom option I have to set to make it interpolate all bands?

Originally I had the variable data as a multiband .nc file but the nc to raster wouldn't work due to "error 000276: One or both dimensions have variable spacing in their coordinate values" and ArcGIS suggested using the .nc to feature tool then interpolating to raster and this is where I got stuck.

I also thought in separating the bands - in other words, monthly data- so I can interpolate them individually into rasters -as what the tools seems able to do- but I didn't find a helpful tool. 


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