Extract attributes to a field from another layer

11-28-2021 05:33 AM
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I use ArcMap 10.5 and I try to add attributes from a polygon layer (governorates) to a point layer, I want to add the governorate ID to the attribute table of the point layer directly, and based on the spatial relationship (in the same table without use spatial join).

is there a tool to do this? 

or can I make a code and use it on this field to extract data from the polygon layer?

The best example of what I want to do is to extract elevation values from DEM.




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The spatial analyst extension has all the extraction tools

For example

Extract Values to Points (Spatial Analyst)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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Thank you but, I mentioned the extract values from the raster as an example, but the layer i want to extract data from to point layer field is not a raster, its a vector data (polygon) 

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@JOPA190 in ArcMap, you could use the Attribute Assistant add-in: https://solutions.arcgis.com/shared/help/attribute-assistant/

It sounds like the Intersecting Feature method is what you would want to use: https://solutions.arcgis.com/shared/help/attribute-assistant/documentation/methods-intersecting-feat...


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There is a tool in ArcGIS Pro that modifies the input and join the desired field from Polygon to Point Feature layer. Join Attributes From Polygon (Crime Analysis and Safety)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Check with your organization, if you could get access to an ArcGIS Pro license.

Unfortunately, this tool isn't available in ArcMap. If ArcMap is your only option, maybe you could create a model (in model builder) or a python script that would execute a spatial join with desired field map, save its output in a different GDB, then overwrite the original input feature class with the output feature class. (*Not Tested)

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If you have a unique identifier to relate the two features (tables) you can use the Join Field gp tool.


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