Announcing the 1.2.0 Release of Data Collection for .NET

04-17-2020 11:00 AM
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New Mapping Features

This release introduces mapping features that empower your users to work how they want to. This gives you flexibility to author more advanced web maps while being confident that users can access, refine, and understand them. 

  • Access key areas of the map with bookmarks.
  • Refine the visibility of map content with the table of contents.
  • Understand map content with the legend.
Short video showing navigating to bookmarks in the UWP appShort video showing the TOC control in the UWP appShort video showing the legend in the WPF app
BookmarksTable of ContentsLegend

Design Updates

In addition to mapping features, this release includes design updates to improve ease of use: 

  • Refreshed icons based on Esri's Calcite design system.
  • Redesigned UWP interface makes better use of modern Windows 10 design.
  • Updated WPF design now keeps buttons in a consistent location.
All new calcite icons shown in a row
Calcite Icons
Short video showing new UWP app designShort video showing new WPF app design
Updated UWP designUpdated WPF design

Next Steps

You can find the 1.2 release of Data Collection for .NET on GitHub.