Is it expected that KMZ performance is significantly slower than KML?

08-10-2021 09:27 AM
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When I open KMZ files it takes several minutes, but when I load their non-compressed equivalent KML file it's instantaneous.

I have attached a 7MB KMZ which illustrates the problem. This file takes several minutes on my computer to open, but when I unzip it and use the internal `doc.kml` file directly it takes seconds. I have other KMZ files which exhibit similar delays in opening.

As a way of benchmarking, Google Earth loads both the  KMZ and the KML in just a few seconds.

The KMZ is a very simple hierarchy of NetworkLink tags and associated image tiles.

P.S. The attached file had to have `.zip` appended to its name in order to upload to the site. Simply remove the `.zip` and it will function like a normal KMZ file. (And for those not familiar, decompress any KMZ to turn it into a KML.)

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Hi Kenn,

I can reproduce the performance issue on Mac for C++ and QML APIs. We will investigate that. 

Thank you