Work on MAUI controls

10-06-2021 08:52 AM
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Can someone tell me if any work is in progress or is in the roadmap to supply MAUI component in place of Xamarin component in the near future.

We have written for some years a Xamarin Forms app deployed in Android and in Windows and the natural evolution should be to convert it as soon as the MAUI platform will be released. 



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Esri Frequent Contributor

Yes MAUI is on our roadmap, and we already got some of that work completed. We actually planned to ship the support with Update 13, but Microsoft's MAUI timeline has recently slipped to Q2 next year, and so we have to delay the release as well. We hope to fully support it as soon as possible after .NET MAUI ships in its final form, depending on how theirs and our release timelines align.

We do plan to add .NET 6 as well as WinUI support in Update 13, which would allow you to build your own MapView handlers for MAUI if you can't wait. We _might_ (no promises) ship a preview for Maui for you to try out around the same time, or shortly thereafter.