Create a line that doesn't scale with map zoom

09-15-2022 05:21 AM
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I'm using 100.05
and I want to know if there's an option to create a simple straight line polyline that doesn't scale with the map.

stroke symbol isn't working for me(it scale with map)
My current workaround is to create simple marker with my desired symbol and put its "head" on the start location.
My main problem it that I want to control the line height in run-time, and marker symbol have only size property and not width and height. so to overcome this I created 3(for now, but i would need more in the future) marker symbol with my symbol in different size and render the correct one, when the user asks.

but I wonder if there's a way to control marker symbol height property somehow OR create a polyline that doesn't scale on map zoom

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Just to clarify, when you say "doesn't scale with map zoom", do you mean:

  • You want the line width to be the right size for a given scale where it will effectively decrease in size as the user zooms out and increase in size as the user zooms in?
  • You want the line width to remain the same as the user zoom in or out?

Also, is the issue of size/scale only during the actual zoom in/out action and it's ok once you've reached the desired scale and the mapview has rerenderer?


If possible, I also recommend updating to the current release (100.15) - it has many cumulative performance and quality improvements, including those that address potential security vulnerabilities in 3rd party libraries. 

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I want that my line , would be the same size regarding the world, no matter how much the user has zoomed in or out

i was regarding the width, because the the symbol marker don't have width and height, only size property

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