Offline search in mmpk offline maps

05-13-2021 12:22 AM
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Does the mmpk offline packages support searching and mapping of addresses using geocode? If yes how to achieve it in ArcGIS IOS platform.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi. Yes it does. You need to have an MMPK that includes locator data. When you create your own MMPK in ArcGIS Pro, you have the option to include your locator when you export it. Or if you want to use the StreetMap Premium packages, they include a locator.

You can see an example of using geocoding from an MMPK here (pick the ArcGIS iOS API from the example drop down). That example is the minimum needed to get the locator and do a search with it. You only need to load the AGSMobileMapPackage and create the AGSLocator once, and can then call geocode() as much as you like on it. You can see another example here (that assumes the MMPK (indianaPackage) is already loaded).

You can test this out with a sample MMPK we have available for the Greater Los Angeles area. See here.

Does this help?