how to create geodatabase for offline routing argis ios sdk

10-06-2023 05:16 AM
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I want to implement two functionalities. one is offline map and another is offline route. I got the code which download the Vtpk which we can use for offline map. But for offline route we need to download geodatabase. So are we able to download the geodatabase directly within the application by selecting some extent. 

Ex. I have the arcGis map in may iOS mobile application. So by selecting some particular area extent can we download the geodatabase and use it to create offline task?

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Esri Regular Contributor

For offline routing, you need to manually create a mobile geodatabase  using ArcGIS Pro that contains your network dataset. This geodatabase can then be included in your application, or downloaded from a webserver. Unfortunately, you cannot create such a geodatabase on demand programmatically.

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