ArcGIS Runtime AR application runs improperly on Android 11

08-31-2021 08:30 PM
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Hello, I developed an simple AR application using arcgis-runtime-toolkit-android, and found that it cannot call the camera on Android 11 when I have given the app all the camera permission, just got black screen. But it worked fine on previous versions, such as Android 9 and 10.

How to get the ar app work on Android 11?  Look forward to  some useful advice, thanks!

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We were unable to reproduce this problem on Android 11. Could you share some more info with us, such as:

- Is it not working on other Android 11 devices/emulators either

- What version of toolkit are you using

- Details on how you grant the camera permissions

- What error are you getting

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Thanks for your reply.  I'll answer the questions above one by one:

-Yes , devices I've tested including SumSung Note20 and Mi 10s with Android 11 system, and reproduced the problem.

- The version of toolkit I used is  100.11.

- When granting the camera permissions, this is the manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CAMERA" />

And dynamically apply for camera permissions in the code.

Then after installing the ar app for the first time,  tick all permissions to agree to use the camera.

- Just got black background on the screen, no other errors are prompted. 

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