Migrating non monotonic routes for ArcGIS Pro

12-19-2023 01:27 AM
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Our customer wants to migrate from Roads and Highways from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro.

However, he comes across the issue that Non Monotonic Routes are no longer calibrated in ArcGIS Pro.

Here is an example of the route. Here the value goes from 99.947 - 101.203route1.PNG

then the calibration point decreases to 101.183 and then increases again.


This was accepted in ArcMap but no longer in ArcGIS Pro. However, this is essential for our customer because the data basis cannot be changed. This would also mean that he cannot migrate to ArcGIS Pro. Are there any ideas for this?


Thank you


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@PeterStiegler2 This is a data anomaly as an LRS route by definition has measure values that are strictly increasing or decreasing monotonically.

Consider the following options to model this correctly:

  • If this is the only instance, have an analyst research the data. If there is no documentation or authoritative record, remove the faulty calibration point with 101.183 measure and re-calibrate the route.
  • Split the route at calibration point with 101.183 measure. This will create 2 monotonic routes. 
  • Use LRS modelling concepts like Line Network, Station Event if this issue is more prevalent and needs a system level handling.

A solution upgrade as in ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, is typically a significant effort and investment. I highly encourage organizations to clean up the data along the way, as much as possible. Pushing the data as is with their flaws, is a missed opportunity.   

Ayan Palit | Principal Consultant Esri