Is there any way to import or generate a generic Road graph for european roads data?

11-21-2023 07:35 AM
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I'm starting to work with Roads and Highways and I'm new at the topic.

Also a lack of "clear" documentation for people who are new at the very concepts.

The 3 main concept i have been confronting so far are Centerline,LRS,routes.

Is there any way to work with my custom road graph (non US-data). I have attended the 3 courses from Esri trainning and they work smoothly with the data given by Esri, but i wasn't lucky with my data as well.

To start from scratch (only with the road graph/roads (lines),POI (points).

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I faced a similar learning curve when I began working with Location Referencing on Australian Railways about 18 months ago, and I think there is a need to Improve the docs: Convert polyline FC with ID/FMEA... - Esri Community In the meantime you'll find lots of issues have been worked through as ArcGIS Roads and Highways Questions - Esri Community

I recommend spending quite a bit of time modelling using ArcGIS Pro, ArcPy and File Geodatabases, and test editing in that configuration, before moving your final data model to ArcGIS Enterprise.  Despite the initial effort needed I think using an LRS is well worth the effort.

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