Updating a field in a feature layer in turn updates an external system/table

09-15-2021 05:32 AM
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I wasn't sure where best to post this question, but I would imagine the resolution I require would involve using the ArcGIS REST API, so thought I'd ask the question to see if anything can guide me in the right direction. 

I am trying to create a solution in ArcGIS Online to allow people to allocate and close jobs. When the job is 'closed', it therefore populates a date field in the feature layer, I want it to also enter that closed date into the external system, FirmStep.  The data is initially reported/collected within the FirmStep system, and I plug into the FirmStep database and process/publishing this data daily to ArcGIS Online using FME. 

The way it works now is I use WorkForce and bring in the Firmstep data, then this is filtered to only show relevant reports, and WorkForce Dispatchers use this data to then create assignments for the workers. It works well, but it is a bit long winded as when a worker 'finishes' an assignment, it populate the Workforce feature layer date field with the closed date. Then the user also has to go into the Firmstep system and close that particular report. 

Is it possible to automatically populate the Firmstep system with this closed date value from the feature layer, using API's? 


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