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Identify task on Raster Layer fails if Minimum Scale is set

05-01-2024 01:50 PM
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If a raster layer in a Pro map has Layer Properties > General > Out Beyond set and that is published as a Map Service, querying the service using identify will return an empty result. Is this intentional/necessary or is this an oversight?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a raster layer to a Pro map.
  • Change the Layer Properties > General > Out Beyond on the raster layer to something like 1:10,000,000.
  • Use the Publish Map Service tool to publish the map as a MapServer.
  • Query the MapServer using MyServiceName/MapServer/identify.

The returned results array will always be empty. To verify, repeat the above steps except with Out Beyond set to <None> and use the same query parameters. Results will be returned.

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