Create Replica geometry parameter is invalid

12-31-2020 11:28 AM
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I've been poking around with the REST API in the hopes of eventually transforming this process into something I can do with the Python API...For now, I'm simply using the REST endpoint to try to create a replica.

For testing, this is just a hosted feature layer in AGO.

The API Reference suggests that the geometry parameter is required. When I leave this blank, I can successfully extract a fGDB, but this is has no FCs present. I have tried using the example envelope coordinates but this always produces the 'geometry parameter is invalid'. I have tried providing the coordinates in lat-long:


I have also tried supplying the coordinates using the SR of the service itself and attempting to input the WKT, but i'm sure i'm messing up the syntax there (get an invalid inSR error).

Is anything obvious jumping out here?


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Hi Zachary,

Can you try dropping the variable names in those boxes? For example:




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