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ArcGIS Server map service metadata in various formats

04-17-2024 11:38 AM
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ArcGIS Online is able to show metadata in various formats like FGDC by adding "/info/metadata?format=fgdc" at the end of the URL. I tried the same for multiple ArcGIS Servers that I manage. I was able to see the map service metadata  in FGDC format for one ArcGIS Server but not for the other. I checked server settings within ArcGIS Server Manager but didn't find any settings related to the metadata format.

Are there any (hidden) settings or install options to enable ArcGIS Server to show the metadata in various formats?

Is showing metadata in various formats an officially supported feature of ArcGIS Server? I can't find any information online. I just guessed from ArcGIS Online / ArcGIS Enterprise.

Are there compatibility issues between the versions of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Server?

Is there a way to import FGDC metadata XML file into ArcGIS Server (and associate it with the existing map service) without editing it with ArcGIS Pro and publishing it as a map service?

Any other tips to make it possible?

Below are how I did.

Created an ArcGIS Pro (3.1.3) project and chose "FGDC CSDGM Metadata" from [Metadata style] option from the Options menu.

Edited the metadata and saved the project.

Published it as a map service to the two ArcGIS Servers. The one I was able to show the metadata in FGDC format is version 10.9.1. The other I couldn't is version 11.1.0.
The URL to show the metadata in FGDC format looks like:

https://[server address]:[server port]/arcgis/rest/services/[folder]/[map service name]/MapServer/info/metadata?format=fgdc

The ArcGIS Server that can't show the metadata in FGDC just returns a blank page.


Thanks for your help!

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