Change Portal user lastLogin date

03-30-2023 04:18 PM
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I'm working on a python script to query stale users in our Portal and send out email reminders to login. Currently running ArcGIS Enterprise 1081.

I'm looking for ideas on how to create test users and manually set their lastLogin date, so I can test a few different scenarios. For example find users that haven't logged in 90 days, 50 days, 25 days, etc.

I've seen from that I can search for users and view their properties, lastLogin included. Just not sure if this is editable and if so, how to do that. 


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This is not editable, its only updated when someone signs in.

There are several COTS applications that already do this kind of reporting and at 10.9.1 you can do this with the administrative reports in portal by filtering the output.

Have you looked on the marketplace?

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