Project User Input applied to multiple feature layers

11-07-2022 07:57 AM
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I am designing a QuickCapture solution in AGOL. It capture point and line data. Each feature layer is hosted in AGOL and has multiple fields in common with the same coded value domain applied. Two Project User Input's have been created to contain the same values as the domain.

I am able to apply the project user input to one of the target feature layers and it performs as expected.

I am receiving an error when I try to apply it to the second target feature layer. 


Project User Inputs were created from the "Additional Settings" menu. Not in the field level creation option, I have noticed these are treated differently by QuickCapture and potentially a bug. 


Has anyone run into this problem? Have a solution? Please let me know if I have been unclear or if Ic an provide any additional information. 


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Hi @suburbanMapper There's a limitation: Project user input created from the field with coded value domains (a read-only choice list) is constrained with that field and cannot be reused for other fields. In your case, you could create another project user input from the data field of the 2nd feature layer, but this will result in duplicate project user inputs showing on project open. Or, you may consider using Text field without coded value domains for both of the layers and create a manual Choice list project user input, which then can be used for any text fields from different feature layers. 

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