Cannot capture features while working offline

08-24-2021 08:26 AM
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So for some reason, I can't work offline and collect features in my QuickCapture project. The app tells me that it can't get a location from my device's internal GPS even though the location service is enabled and always allowed on my iPad. While I can work just fine once I'm online, it does me no good because the project was meant to be used offline. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @JustinCallahan Does your iPad has a built-in GPS (usually available in Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad models)? The GPS accuracy on an offline iPad without a GPS chip can be coarse, here is what I read: to obtain GPS data, your iPad will first try to use the GPS chip, then WiFi, then cell tower triangulation. The device may simply keep trying to fix a location when offline but without luck. Or, when the accuracy is bad, the app will prevent data capture if the required accuracy threshold configured for this project is not met. 

Here are some suggestions you could try:

  • Without compromising data accuracy, pair your iPad with an external GPS receiver (e.g. Bad Elf). It's recommended when working offline with a device without a built-in GPS, or to obtain high-accuracy data in general. 
  • Enlarge the required accuracy threshold of this project. You will do this in Designer > Settings > Horizontal accuracy.

Hope this helps.

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