What's coming in ArcGIS QuickCapture December 2022

09-30-2022 06:27 PM
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ArcGIS QuickCapture 1.16 is scheduled for release before the end of 2022. We will host two live holistic testing sessions in November for all of you who want to experience the upcoming features first hand and provide feedback. You can register here.

  • Tuesday, Nov 8, 9:00AM - 12:00PM (Pacific Time Zone)
  • Wednesday, Nov 9, 1:00PM - 4:00PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Here are some of the features in the works.

Faster user inputs

Not long ago we added support for chaining project and button user inputs. With this update, you will no longer need to tap on Done in order to move from one to the next. As soon as you make a selection on your user input, it will jump to the next. Fewer taps, quicker data capture!

Auto-update projects (Planned release 1.16)

The world changes quickly, so it is no surprise that you need to make changes to your QuickCapture projects, even while they are actively being used. Ensuring that everyone in the field is using the latest version of your QuickCapture project could have been a challenge in the past, but not anymore.

Activate auto-updates and QuickCapture will take care of keeping projects up to date in your users’ devices. It is that simple. It is that quick!

To enable auto-updates on QuickCapture, you must be an ArcGIS Administrator. Check below how you can access this new organization setting.

2022-11-16 QuckCapture Enable Project Auto-Updates GIF.gif


Barcode scanning (Planned release 1.16)

Scan and move on. That is the basic idea. With this update you can configure your QuickCapture projects with barcode scanning capabilities. Data from a barcode can be used to populate attributes in the features you collect.   This allows you to quickly collect data from existing assets and move on.

As a project author you can enable the barcode scanner on any text-based user input. Check below how to do it:

2022-11-16 Barcode GIF.gif


Video (Planned release 1.17, but available for the brave of you in 1.16)

A picture is worth 1,000 words. What about a video? QuickCapture now supports video recording. Use it to document issues, damage or for other events. Videos are uploaded into ArcGIS as attachments, so you can view them from other ArcGIS apps and dashboards.

We will add all the bits in version 1.17 (early 2022), but as of 1.16 you can activate video recording by hacking your project's JSON a bit as shown in the animation below:

2022-11-16 JSON Edits Video.gif


Auto-populate attributes using Arcade expressions (Planned release 1.17)

You already know that QuickCapture can automatically populate attributes of the features you collect: Horizontal Accuracy, Time of Observation, User’s email, Device info and much more… Now, what if you could also use Arcade expressions to make your QuickCapture buttons gather even more information? Use Arcade to perform spatial calculations, enrich attributes via lookup searches, etc.

Dynamic lists (Planned release 1.17)

We use lists constantly to help field users collect data in a consistent manner. Priority high, or priority low? Follow up needed: Yes, or no? What is the condition of the asset: Good, fair, needs repair? Some lists are larger: A list of plant species, a list of violations… Some lists change constantly: A list of inspectors, a list of assets… No matter what list you need to deal with, QuickCapture has a good solution for you. In this release, we are introducing dynamic lists. This is a list that gets populated using a layer query. Here are some examples:

  • Populate a list to display all Team members on active duty
  • Populate a list displaying all assets that are due for inspection
  • Populate a list with all plant species in my area

Of course, team members, assets and plant species can be all managed in ArcGIS layers. QuickCapture will simply query your layers to populate the lists. The results of your queries will be automatically cached so your lists will work even if disconnected!

Floor-aware map support (Planned release after 1.17)

Use ArcGIS QuickCapture indoors and take advantage of floor-aware maps built with ArcGIS Pro.

Again, you are all invited to join us in October. Complete this form to register .

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  • @IsmaelChivite  I keep hoping there’ll be mention of a new parameter with the option to save photos (and soon videos) to the device being used. Previous posts got no reaction but I can’t believe this isn’t an issue for others too. It is the most common feedback on using QC in the field we get. It means users need to take 2 photos when 1 would do. Downloading in Attachment Viewer afterwards is an option but only when they’re back in the office and only 1 photo at a time.
Esri Notable Contributor

@Embeez  Please lets discuss the details of your workflow. Email QuickCapture@esri.com so we can arrange a call.  Thanks!


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Whoohoo! We're very excited for this update. Thanks so much @IsmaelChivite!

New Contributor II

Will it be possible to auto populate the address at the data collection point, maybe using teh arcade support?

Esri Notable Contributor

@peterverwey_ses  May be. We have not tried yet! If you have a chance, join us for the upcoming holistic testing day and lets give that a go.

I am not sure if this will fit your needs, but you can also use a webhook for that as described here: https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-quickcapture-blog/data-enrichment-with-arcgis-quickcapture-and/...


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Thanks @IsmaelChivite ,

I will definitely be joining you, on the Wednesday session. 

Can we get access to the 1.17 beta yet to test the new 1.16 and 1.17 features?

Esri Notable Contributor

@peterverwey_sesNot yet. The holistic testing day will be the first opportunity to get your hands into the 1.16 Beta. From that point on, the documentation in the Early Adopter Community website will be updated.