Pass textbox-text as input to MapTool.Method from Embeddable Control

03-27-2023 04:44 PM
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ArcGis Pro SDK 3.0


I am trying to achieve a funtionality in my addin where a user can search for a roadreference through both text-search and by sending a point to an api and getting a roadreference in return. 

I am using an MapTool with an embeddble control that contains a textbox and a button which submits the search-request to an api.

Is there a way of binding an button or enter-keydown event to an MapTool method, so that the business logic of  things can be handled in the MapTool-class? If I have understood MVVM correctly it is a big no-no to write business logic in the code-behind part of the embeddable control, so I am trying to keep it away from that.

All replies are more than welcome, and even a push in the right direction on this one makes Jack a very happy boy. 

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