Extending the event arguments "GPOpenedToolDialogEvent.ToolDialogEventArgs" by list of tool parameters (with current values)

08-28-2023 05:59 AM
Status: Open
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[ArcGIS Pro SDK] Extending the event arguments "ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.GeoProcessing.GPOpenedToolDialogEvent.ToolDialogEventArgs" by list of parameters of currently opened tool (including current values)

We need the ArcGIS Pro SDK to be able to manipulate parameter values of GP tools when calling up the GP tool dialog.

To do this, we want to use the "ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.GeoProcessing.GPOpenedToolDialogEvent" event that is already available in the ArcGIS Pro SDK.

However, the associated event arguments ("ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.GeoProcessing.GPOpenedToolDialogEvent.ToolDialogEventArgs") currently only provide the following information:

  • path = path of the tool to be called (with the file path of the toolbox for custom tools or the internal tool name for system tools)
  • name = display name of the tool to be called (depending on the language pack)
  • toolType = information whether it is a system or custom tool


Feature request

--> In addition in the event arguments properties we need the information on the list of tool parameters including the current values. It also must be possible to manipulate these values so that the adjusted values can be passed in the tool dialog that then opens.


With the extended event arguments (as described above), we would probably also be able to implement support for environment variables in geoprocessing parameter (see Usage of environment variables (e.g. %TEMP%) in va... - Esri Community).


Mockup for better understanding:

1) Define task step as geoprocessing tool with parameters containing placeholders:


2) When executing task step the event "GPOpenedToolDialogEvent" is raised and placeholders are replaced:


3) When GP dialog opens the replaced (dynamic) parameters are used: