Creating new Layer from joined table with the ArcGIS Pro .SDK for .NET

10-31-2023 11:53 PM
Status: Implemented
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I'm trying to create a new Layer from a table which is the result of a join between a FeatureClass and a table. I used the following example as a basis (specifically the "MakeJoin"-Function from "JoinsDockPaneViewModel.cs"):

The FeatureClass comes from a file geodatabase, the table from a postgreSQL database that is not an enterprise geodatabase. My code looks like this:


private RelationshipClass MakeJoin(RelationshipClass relationshipClass, Table leftTable, Table rightTable, Field leftField, Field rightField, string layername)
    VirtualRelationshipClassDescription virtualRelationshipClassDescription = new VirtualRelationshipClassDescription(leftField, rightField, RelationshipCardinality.OneToOne);
    relationshipClass = leftTable.RelateTo(rightTable, virtualRelationshipClassDescription);
    JoinDescription joinDescription = new JoinDescription(relationshipClass)
        JoinDirection = JoinDirection.Forward,
        JoinType = JoinType.InnerJoin,
        TargetFields = leftTable.GetDefinition().GetFields()

    Join join = new Join(joinDescription);
    Table joinedTable = join.GetJoinedTable();
    if (joinedTable is FeatureClass)
        FeatureClass joinedFc = (FeatureClass) joinedTable;

        FeatureLayerCreationParams layerParams = new FeatureLayerCreationParams(joinedFc);
        LayerFactory.Instance.CreateLayer<FeatureLayer>(layerParams, MapView.Active.Map);
    return relationshipClass;



At line 19 (CreateLayer) the following Exception occurs:

A user-supplied component or subscriber raised an exception (0x80040208)
Quelle: ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping
TargetSite: T MakeBasicServiceCall[T](System.Func`1[T])
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.Mapping.Utilities.MakeBasicServiceCall[T](Func`1 serviceCall)
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping.LayerCreationParams.CreateFromDataConnection(ILayerContainerEdit mapOrGroupLayer, Int32 index)
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping.LayerCreationParams.CreateLayer(ILayerContainerEdit mapOrGroupLayer, Int32 layerIndex)
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping.LayerFactory.CreateLayer[T](LayerCreationParams layerParams, ILayerContainerEdit container)

A user-supplied component or subscriber raised an exception (0x80040208)
Quelle: ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping
TargetSite: System.String AddData(ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.Mapping.CreateLayerArgs ByRef, System.String)
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.DesktopService._IMapAuthoringService.AddData(CreateLayerArgs& args, String dataConnectionXml)
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping.Map.<>c__DisplayClass316_0.<AddData>b__0()
at ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.Mapping.Utilities.MakeBasicServiceCall[T](Func`1 serviceCall)

The exception doesn't occur when I use two FeatureClasses to create the join. The only workaround for this is the use of the Geoprocessing tool.

I have already posted this as a question in the community area, but there is no answer up to now: Creating new Layer from joined table throws System... - Esri Community 

I was informed via a technical support case that the ArcGIS Pro SDK does not currently support databases that are not configured as a geodatabase for joins. I was referred to Esri Ideas, that's why I'm suggesting this here.

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@JFr87 You should be able to Run the AddJoin tool through the .sdk using this example.  Does this help?
arcgis-pro-sdk-community-samples/Geoprocessing/GeoprocessingExecuteAsync at master · Esri/arcgis-pro...

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Thanks for reporting this. It appears to be a bug as of now to us. We are investigating this and get back here with updates when we find more.


@JonathanNealThanks for the suggestion. I already tried that and yes, it's a workaround for the time being. I would still prefer if I could achieve my goal like in the example above.

Status changed to: In Product Plan
Status changed to: Implemented

Implemented in ArcGIS Pro 3.3.

Thank your for reporting this.