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working with CAD data coordinate systems

06-11-2024 05:46 PM
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I've read through all of the Help Docs about CAD data, and especially with respect to working with the coordinate system.

It's a bit complicated; "if this, then do that", or you could "do this or do that" depending on certain scenarios.

...So, is there a documented Workflow or some Diagram for this?
Seems to me this would be a lot easier to understand if there were..

More specific questions are:

  • The Help Docs keep referring to creating a necessary PRJ file. I know what this is because of my experiences with Shapefiles, but I do not see that file anywhere even when the coordinate system is defined (assigned).
  • ...With that, is this true even when the CAD data is exported to a Geodatabase ...that seems weird.
  • If the CAD data units are in inches or millimeters, should I still define the (PRJ) coordinate system in units of feet or meters, respectively?
  • Why is the name of the tool 'Change Coordinate System' to create the PRJ file when it opens the 'Define Projection' tool? ...I'm just curious so I can follow the logic. 
  • What's the difference between using the 'Transform to Suggested Location' and 'Move to Display' options?
  • What's the difference between using the 'Transform Edit' tool and the 'Georeferencing Control Points' tool?
  • And, what does having a World file eliminate the need for?

Thanks, CCE

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