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Why aren't more ArcGIS Pro bug reports shared publicly?

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02-10-2023 07:06 AM
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In the past months, I've submitted some new bug reports:

  1. BUG-000155584 - View on FGDB standalone table gives error “Failed to add data, unsupported data type.” while adding to a map
  2. BUG-000155660 - Definition queries do not appear as active after enabling the query and reopening the definition query again
  3. BUG-000155377 - Unable to create a bar chart on a database view created in a mobile geodatabase
  4. BUG-000140702 [re-opened] - Right-clicking and selecting paste does not work when attempting to paste a value into the query builder in the Select By Attributes tool
  5. And a few more:
    • BUG-000150273 - ST_Geometry functions applied to the Shape field in Select By Attributes return the error message, "Error 000358: Invalid expression" if the feature class is registered as traditional versioned.
    • BUG-000155819 - Attribute table of joined layer in Mobile Geodatabase does not open when a definition query with a subquery is applied to the join table.
    • BUG-000155830 - Failed to open Mobile geodatabase feature attribute table after applying join from a SQL queried standalone table with error: Underlying DBMS Error [ambiguous column name objectid]
    • BUG-000155888 - In the Create Database View geoprocessing tool, the Output View Name parameter is cleared when the first click after entering the Output View Name occurs outside of the tool interface.
    • BUG-000156143 - An SQL query containing the EXISTS predicate validates successfully but returns incorrect results from a file geodatabase
    • BUG-000156405 - Validate Join message is incorrect in ArcGIS Pro when Add Join to table or feature with Definition Query within the same workspace.
    • BUG-000157223 - The View Icon shows as Standalone table instead as Feature Class in Mobile Geodatabase
    • BUG-000156931 - Unable to select features using the Explore or selection tool from a view in a mobile geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro.
    • BUG-000157376 - Unable to select features using the Explore or selection tool from a view with a join in a File geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro
    • BUG-000157475 - Cannot open table from the Catalog pane for a spatial view found in a mobile geodatabase.
    • BUG-000157568 - In ArcGIS Pro, when a file geodatabase is placed in a file folder that contains .gdb in the folder name, you cannot add new feature classes, feature datasets, tables, the file geodatabase.
    • BUG-000157571 - When running the Make Route Event Layer tool, the Layer Name or Table View default to the table owner instead of the table name in Oracle Enterprise Geodatabase
    • BUG-000157565 - When running the Make Route Event Layer tool, the Layer Name or Table View default to the table owner instead of the table name in Mobile Geodatabase
    • BUG-000157718 - Excel to Table tool prefixes table name with "main.main_" when importing to mobile geodatabase
    • BUG-000157719 - Excel to Table tool prefixes table name with table owner when importing to Oracle enterprise geodatabase
    • BUG-000157728 - Creating a new geodatabase in a favorite folder causes Catalog to expands multiple folders
    • Internal Esri GitHub bug reported: ‘Progress Indicator not showing in catalog when creating new mGDB’ [Esri Case 03318871]
    • BUG-000157736: Create Database View geoprocessing tool returns incorrect data when SQL CASE expression returns a text value in the View Definition parameter
    • BUG-000157874 - Sorting fails after a Flag field is added to a view definition, the view is joined to a feature layer, and the Flag field is moved to the front of the table
    • BUG-000157875 - Remove Join tool fails after a Flag field is added to a view definition, the view is joined to a feature layer, and fields in the joined table are reordered and sorted
    • BUG-000158141: The cardinality of a join is incorrect in the Layer properties for 1:1 joins in ArcGIS Pro 3.1
    • BUG-000158140: ArcGIS Pro: Join from table to database view generate Join fields with null values
    • BUG-000158324: Mobile GDB view definition contains "CREATE VIEW [name of table] AS" , whereas File geodatabase views and enterprise geodatabase views do not.
    • BUG-000158187: When using "Truncate Table" with a table that has a join, ArcGIS Pro provides an incorrect error message of "001400: Only the data owner may execute"
    • BUG-000158857: When renaming a table or feature class in a mobile geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro, the selected rename text displays the previous attempt at renaming, even if the attempt failed.
    • BUG-000158912 - User with ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 and mobile geodatabase can't save field alias using same name as field for their standalone table.
    • BUG-000159358: Delete option is available in the attribute table for a field of a joined table
    • BUG-000159633: In a mobile geodatabase table in ArcGIS Pro, the field alias gets automatically set to the previous field name.
    • BUG-000159170 - ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 - Unable to sort joined fields when a mobile geodatabase standalone table is joined to a mobile geodatabase feature class in a 1 to many join.
    • BUG-000160320: Slow performance in Pro when interacting with the attribute table of data which participates in a join.
    • BUG-000158623 - ArcGIS Pro - The 'Move to End' button within the Attribute Table does not work as expected while working with tables from regular databases or mobile geodatabase.
    • BUG-000160924 : SQL query becomes case sensitive when a Feature Layer is joined to a table stored in a Mobile Geodatabase. After joining a feature layer and a table (both stored in a Mobile Geodatabase), SQL query becomes case sensitive and the previous SQL query expression fails to execute.
    • BUG-000163083 - ArcGIS Pro does not honor the Allow NULL value that is set for the SHAPE field during feature class creation.
    • BUG-000163402: Double click is required when adding new rows to the attribute table of a feature class that has no user defined fields.
    • BUG-000163640: SQL Expression applied to the Shape field in Select By Attributes returns the error message, "Error 000358: Invalid expression" if the feature class is registered as traditional versioned.
    • BUG-000163772: Views in file and mobile geodatabases do not indicate in their Data Source properties if they have been registered with the database
    • BUG-000163754 - Catalog item properties of FGDB (and Enterprise GDB) database view: "Manage" options (Attachments, Global IDs, & editor tracking) should not be available
    • BUG-000163933: ArcGIS Pro 3.2 - Appending data from a file geodatabase feature class to a table using matching fields for update throws the error "Error 000229: Cannot open TABLE" despite successful append/update.
    • BUG-000164071: In ArcGIS Pro, when using the Table Select (Analysis) tool, the Mobile Geodatabase prefix is used as Output Table instead of original Feature Class name
    • BUG-000164132: The 'Clear' button under the Contents pane selection tab is missing when selecting zero records in ArcGIS Pro
    • BUG-000164133: The clear button is grayed out when selecting zero records and ensure consistent behavior for the clear button in ArcGIS Pro
    • BUG-000164128 Unlike ArcGIS Pro 3.1, when importing a Display Filter file in ArcGIS Pro 3.2, the feature layer is not automatically updated according to the imported file.
    • BUG-000164177: Database Views show SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Privileges in the Data Source properties
    • BUG-000164343: ArcGIS Pro 3.2 - The field name in attribute table does not update after applying SQL expression when creating database view in File Geodatabase
    • BUG-000164295: Sorting a field removes rows from an attribute table with a one-to-many join between a feature class and a standalone table in a mobile geodatabase.
    • BUG-000164393: The Add Spatial Join tool returns ERROR 000728 when applied to a feature class stored in a Mobile Geodatabase or EGDB
    • BUG-000164420: Database View created in file geodatabase with Join definition does not create the required duplicate fields
    • BUG-000164429: When creating a database view, using a cast function in the where clause results in an error
    • BUG-000164631: Attribute indexes generated on fields participating in an inner join for the creation of a file geodatabase database view
    • BUG-000164707: In ArcGIS Pro 3.2, there are some geoprocessing tools (such as "Make Feature Layer" or "Make Table View") that have a parameter with a note saying "This parameter is not used". This parameter does not cause any direct issues, however it is confusing and counter-intuitive to clients.
    • BUG-000164755: The field is not populated when CAST is used with a file geodatabase with "Create Database View"
    • BUG-000164759 - The "Make Table View" tool output doesn't include a Query section in the Table Properties if the Input table is an unregistered table picked via the Folder Icon.
    • BUG-000165217 - When a relate exists between a table and a query layer with a composite key joined to another table, related records are not displayed if the query layer name contains a space.
    • BUG-000166125: ArcGIS Pro 3.2.2 - Make Query Table Tool joining all tables despite selected records
    • BUG-000167214: Attribute Indexes in a Mobile Geodatabase reappear after deletion in ArcGIS Pro.
    • BUG-000167373: Query Layer with WHERE clause does not show full query in Diagnostic Monitor
    • BUG-000167456: Copying or exporting a feature class into a non-EGDB Oracle Database results in long integer fields being displaying as Big Integer in the Fields View
    • BUG-000167563: Join with definition query doesn't export the correct number of records, instead it exports all the records.
    • BUG-000167610 - The Create Unregistered Feature Class geoprocessing tool does not honor settings like Geometry Type, Has M, Has Z, or Spatial Reference while creating the output.
    • BUG-000167752: Misleading error message returned by Copy tool when only the path the to GDB is input without a feature class name.
    • BUG-000167802: ArcGIS Pro - Can't copy text from geoprocessing input parameter using right-click menu.
    • BUG-000167962: ArcGIS Pro 3.3 - Wrong context menu options displayed for standalone table in contents pane.
    • BUG-000168565 - The Find Identical geoprocessing tool auto-populates the Output Dataset name with the data owner name instead of the feature class name when the Input Dataset is picked from the drop-down of the layer list from the map.
    • BUG-000168914: Error "The SQL expression has invalid syntax" is encountered when a subquery is used on an unregistered table, query layer, or unregistered database view.
    • BUG-000169056: “ERROR 000358 DBMS table not found[ORA-04043: object xyzx.xyzxy does not exist]” is encountered when using "Make Aggregation Query Layer" tool with Oracle geodatabase.

When I google those bug report numbers, I don't get many hits.

Question: Why aren't those kinds of bug reports publicly available? 

  • For people who are googling issues online.
  • For people who don't have access to their organization's My Esri account.
    • Often, only IT staff at an organization have access to their organization's My Esri account. There are lots of Esri users like me who work in departments other than IT and, therefore don't have access.


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Hi @ChristianWells and @Bud 

Our bug pages are searchable by Google and other search engines. 

I think the issue that makes searching on Google inconsistent is that bugs are taken offline briefly for editing and then returned to the support site.  After that we have to wait for Google to crawl through the support site again to update their search results. 

The bugs are available through the support site search more quickly because our search tool indexes our own content more often than Google indexes our content.

We have tried to minimize the types of edits that cause bugs to be temporarily removed, but there still are some edits that trigger a copy review before they can be returned to the support site.  We copy review the bugs so that no public field contains customer information or internal only information.

I don't think it is a matter of formatting the search query, using the bug id and "Esri" or "Esri support" should work fine.



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BUG-000140702: Right-clicking and selecting paste does not work whe.. ( is fixed at least, the other two didn't show

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Does anyone outside of the open source community maintain a bug database with public access?


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I think IBM does. I don't remember ever dealing with a bug that wasn't posted publicly. If a bug was created from one of my tickets, then it would be posted online.

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I'm sure companies have their reasons to not share their bugs with the public, I get it. But so much time could be saved if we had access to it. It's a waste of time for me to reach out to Esri support for something they are already aware of. Not to mention it's a waste of time for Esri support to spend time supporting end users when the bug has already been documented.

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Agreed. I think Esri could save a lot of money by making it easier to find bug info. If I googled an issue and there was already a bug for it, then I'd subscribe to the bug updates rather than submitting an additional ticket.

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The Esri business model is entirely built on having you contract with them for support so you keep paying.

If the software was easy to install and easy to use, the demand for support would shrink.

If the software was not buggy there would be less need to stay on a contract, you could just stick with a version for years.

Because their services are expensive it creates a substantial market for consultants too.

I don't feel I am being cynical, it is just the model they chose. But I do think if the software itself was the product and not support contracts, they would put less focus an annual new feature list and more on making things work better.

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You're not wrong. This is exactly why there needs to be more competition in the GIS industry. Maybe companies would put more emphases on making a quality product instead of only fixing bugs in future versions, forcing you to pay for maintenance so you have access to future versions, which just introduces more bugs and thus starting the cycle all over again.

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ESRI today... a name, a survivor from the seventies and eighties, which groans under the weight of its own semi-finished products, full of bugs! Of course, they know about it, but the fun is more complete with the users; it is more social, offers more Ideas, i.e. of well-paid user frustrations and...and justifies the existence of not only ESRI, but n similar ones. Business model or rot (???) Hmm...The first evolves legal responsibility/obligation! Rot just a fake story about respect, interaction with users and well-worn staleness.

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I want to offer some insight into the process of logging a bug which explains why some bugs aren't visible. Some of the information below may be common knowledge, and I want to leave this here in case others stumble upon this thread.

  1. Technical Support is the point of contact to validate and identify a defect. 
    1. We build a reproducible case with workflows, data, and software logs to verify a potential defect. 
    2. We also research our existing internal resources to see if a bug already exists and an accurate match.
    3. Once we log a new defect or identify an existing one, we attach it to your account, and it shows up in My Esri for Authorized Callers. 
      1. If you need Support access, you can request permissions through MyEsri by following these steps
  2. The defect then undergoes a two-step review process for technical accuracy and copy editing.
    1. Some defects may need additional testing and validation during the technical review process, extending the review process. 
    2. Once the defect passes through our copy-editing process, it makes its way to the Support website, where you can search for bugs using this link. Esri Support Search. (Make sure the filter is set to "Bugs").

As @DanPatterson pointed out, one of the bugs can be found on the Support website. The other bugs you listed are in our technical review process, which is why they can't be found on the Support site. 

@Bud, if you have specific questions about any of the bugs you listed or want to discuss this further, please feel free to send me a private message, and I'll be happy to connect.