When will Esri support native Mac OS and Mac hardware?

a month ago
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When will Esri support native Mac OS and Mac hardware? or Does Esri planning for such idea.

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Not going to happen.  They supported both platforms more than a decade ago and abandoned it.

Run ArcGIS Pro on a Mac—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

describes the easiest route for "most" involved.

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Do you have an idea why they left IOS integrated version?

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@AhmedAbdelaziz_GIS this, unfortnately, and in my personal opinion, is a terrible idea. We finally have a software development house that's receptive to our needs and dynamic in the way they develope out the requirements or bug fixes that our community bring to their attention. If they added a whole parallel resource alongside all the other development, I think we'd see a big slowdown in new development, and a brand new field of challenges. Just my two penn'orth. Interested to hear other viewpoints.

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Hi @Brooks_SummitGeo Yes i know. But the progress of IOS performance better by far than others based on windows (M1 processor is significant example) many users have IOS devices also. So that's why they should considered.

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You could always put an idea out on https://ideas.arcgis.com however, I doubt it would gain much traction since ArcGIS is very complex and IOS has a small market share.


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I agree with you, and many software companies accommodate more than one type of operating system (even MS Office is available for Mac users).  

Furthermore, why not also support Linux operating systems? Linux is popular in many poorer countries.

Supporting more than one OS and more than Intel chipsets would welcome a greater diversity of computer users. 

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