When using Stack Profile tool, no values shown in SEC_DIST column

a month ago
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I am using the Stack Profile tool to create cross-profiles through a river (green lines).


For further analysis I need to determine the distance between the first vertex in the profile segment and the blue line that runs along the river length.

I have placed second vertices at these points, and was hoping it calculate values in the SEC_DIST column (Distance of the second vertex in the profile segment). However this is not the case.

So I was wondering is anyone knows what to change to actually get values in this column.

(Second figure shows locations of vertices)



(I am using ArcGIS Pro 3.2.0)


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It’s possible I’m misunderstanding the goal but I believe using the explode features tool may accomplish what you’re looking for. Once completed, you can use the shape-length field to get the desired numbers. You can always make a copy of your original feature class to work with so the original data (if needed again) is not lost.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply Eugene! I think that the problem with the Stack Profile tool is that it starts measuring distance along the line where there is elevation data. These results are then gathered into a table (shown below).


I then need to find the distance from the first measurement (row 1) to the intersection between the profile line and the blue line along the river length.

I cannot just use the distance and direction tool, because this needs to be done for a lot of data unfortunately.

Hope that this is a bit clearer. 🙂

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