Visual statistics not working in ArcGIS Pro ver. 3.2.2

a month ago
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When I right click on a numeric field in an attribute table and select visual statistics it displays a pop up box with no data.  This happens across all projects and for all numeric fields in my projects.


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Just a curiosity, do you have a definition query applied to the data?

Also, if you select a few rows in the attribute table, does it create any “selected” data in the chart properties box?

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Hi @SK2438 ,

Thanks for reaching out. Here are a few questions that may help us investigate: 

  • Are you sure your field contains non-null values? If there are no non-null values, the chart will not draw and should display an error message. If a definition query or other filter is being applied and the result does not contain any non-null values, this would also result in a blank chart.
  • Thank you for the screenshot of the Chart Properties, but would it be possible to also post a screenshot of the chart view (where the chart should be drawn)?
  • If possible, could you send the dataset/project you're working with? If you're able, please feel free to reach out through email (



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