Turning a Layer On or Off Causes Interface Freeze

3 weeks ago
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I just had ArcGIS Pro upgraded to the most recent 3.3.0 after running into several errors with 3.2.1. But I have run into a new problem with 3.3.0: in the project I most commonly use, any attempt to turn a layer on or off causes Pro's interface to mostly grey out and become unresponsive. The cursor also gets the spinning circle whenever the mouse is anywhere except the map window.

The truly strange part of this is that the map window continues to operate semi-normally - it can be zoomed in and out and panned (if that tool was selected before attempting the turn on/off), although most right-click functions are also greyed out. Even stranger is that the layer I attempted to switch on/off does so successfully right as the interface stops working!

The close button in the upper right of the interface is also greyed out and unusable, although the minimize and restore buttons operate as usual. My only option to get out of the situation is a CTRL-ALT-DEL. When I do that, ArcGIS Pro does not show as being unresponsive.

I attempted to run the Diagnostic Monitor while trying to turn a layer off, and noticed a single task that never seems to finish running - ArcGIS.Desktop.Internal.Mapping.Operations.UpdateMapMember.Operation.DoAsync:


Has anyone run into a problem like this, or have any ideas for resolving it? I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could provide. Thanks!!

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Good morning - I see a related Support Case of a user experiencing the same issue as you.  It was related to XTools being installed on the same computer as ArcGIS Pro.  Do you have XTools installed and if so, can you uninstall to see if this behavior is repeated or is now operating normally?

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I missed that, thank you for pointing it out! And I do have XTools installed. I will try that.