Target height for line of sight is not working properly

06-29-2022 12:47 PM
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Hi guys, I hope someone can help me with the problem I have.

I am trying to make a model in ArcGIS Pro that shows on which road segments people are visible for birds on specific locations. I use the following input for this model:

- AHN_DTM raster for ground level 
- AHN_DMS raster for vegetation height
- Path points (every 30m) that follow the route of the road and contain a raster value of AHN_DTM + 170 (avg height of humans)
- Bird territory points, contain a raster value of AHN_DSM + 10 (to represent height of bird/nest)

!!The AHN rasters are in centimeters for some reason and thus all points also have a height in cm!!

For the model I used the following tools in the following order:

1. Extract values to points(2x); to extract the raster-values to the path points and the territory points
2. Calculate field(2x); to correct for human height and bird height
3. Construct sight lines; with the path points as observers, the territory points as targets and raster value as the height field for both observer and target
4. Make feature layer; to constrain the sight lines to a length of 600m
5. Line of sight; with the AHN_DSM raster as input surface and output form the previous step as input line feature
6. Then there follow a few selection steps to show only the lines that represent actual lines of sites between path points and territory points

When I first used this model, it seemed to work fine, but it has a major problem. The model does not actually take into account the height (raster value) of the target feature. So if I increase the height of the target points, there is no increase in the amount of target points that are visible from the path points, while this should be the case. If I increase the observer points there are more target points that become visible, so it seems to be a sole problem with the target feature. Is there a method to include the height of the target points, or did I do something wrong in my model?

I hope my screenshots provide a bit more clarity and I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance!

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