Strange behavior when building a mosaic dataset

03-04-2024 09:53 PM
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I have about 10k tiff rasters.

Each one is 10k by 10k pixels in geo WGS84 and no pyramids.

The pixel size is 25 cm (0.000003 in wgs84).

I build the mosaic and add the rasters. It looks fine but when I check the footprint table the LowPS is 0.000003 (as the pixel size) but the High PS is 0.000086 - why?

Then when I do define overviews each overview on the first level cover about 1000 original tiles and its pixel size is 25 meters.

When I try to show the mosaic there are many scales that shows 200 or more original tiles (since it does not have overviews for this scale) and it draw very slow.

I build many mosaics in the past, never had this problem.

The tiff rasters was created from SplitRaster gp tool on a big MrSID file.

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 ended up calculate the highPS to be the same as the lowPS then the overviews was created correctly.

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